Getting caught up

White driftwood

In Yachats along the 804 trail, there was a bunch of wonderful driftwood with lovely white bark texture. I have a few more pictures like this that I'll probably post later on.

I'm still making my slow way home, but we're driving less distance each day than we normally do, leaving me time in the mornings and evenings to catch up on e-mail. I've now read everything and started responding to some of the things I'd marked as needing attention. I have a lot of tagged stuff yet to get to, but I think I got through about a third of it today. I'm also annotating all of my pictures, and today did one of my largest days (117 pictures).

Tomorrow I'll be somewhere where (once I figure out how to make wireless authentication work without Network Manager) I'll be able to settle in and do some coding and tackle some larger projects. Hopefully I'll also finish getting caught up.

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