Coming back

At the fence line

Looking along the fence line south of the Adobe Resort in Yachats, Oregon. This was taken yesterday on a grey, overcast day. The plus of the weather we had in Yachats is that I have tons of great cloud pictures, but the lighting was a touch challenging before the clouds broke up.

I'm still in Oregon and will be off-line for most of tomorrow, but otherwise I'm on my way back from vacation. I've been waking up with ideas about coding or packaging work that I want to do, which is a good sign. I'm not feeling ready for the social interactions of work yet, but I have some more time before I have to deal with that. I'll be working remotely one day before heading back to Stanford.

I've sorted through all of my mail, but not turned it into next actions or updated my to-do list. That's the next step, which I've been poking at a bit tonight and will probably start working on in earnest tomorrow night. I did get my last book review written today, which means that with two yesterday I'm now completely caught up. That's a great feeling. The total reading for vacation, with a few more days and hopefully a couple of books still to add, is nine books read, a tenth finished, and reviews written of two more books that I read before vacation. It's not as many as I've read some years, but it will make the total reading for the year a bit more respectable.

I have a ton of pictures to sort through and annotate, and I still haven't done that for last year's beach trip. The plan is to do that during the evenings for the next few nights as a light task that I can do while working on other things.

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