Lintian 2.2.14

This release is primarily to synchronize with the Policy 3.8.3 release that just went out, but we'd also accumulated some bug fixes and I did about five hours of work this evening cleaning up the BTS and trying to get the most obvious and easiest fixes in.

Lintian now has a new mechanism for diagnosing package dependencies on metapackages (either regular or build) and I want to add to that a bit more in the next release. Unfortunately, this is probably something where we're going to have to hand-maintain a list of metapackages. If you have a long-lived metapackage (a package that exists for the convenience of users or installers to install a bunch of related things, but which nothing should depend on directly) where you've had problems with invalid dependencies on it, let us know so that we can add it to the list of things Lintian looks for.

We're definitely not keeping up with the flow of incoming bugs at the moment, although if I still had the time to devote a day every couple of weeks on Lintian, we probably would be. I still need to do a BTS pass and close some bugs that are invalid and reorganize things a bit, but tomorrow is devoted to time away from programming. Five software releases in a day is a lot.

I haven't updated the version of Lintian running on lintian.d.o for a while. Monday is probably a good day to do that, unless something major shows up in this release that needs a quick fix. Of course, I have a ton of meetings on Monday, so we'll see if that happens.

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