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Chain between a water control valve at Stanford. Despite the fact that I put off doing this until way too late and am remarkably tired, I even bothered to go into Gimp and rotate and crop it. I think this proves I'm getting more comfortable with using Gimp to do some simple photo cleanup, although I'm still way behind all the tricks that I know can be used.

Today required rather more effort to get started and keep moving, but I still ended up being productive. The only major drawback to the day is that I put off exercise until way too late and unless I develop a rather strong second wind while writing this, I don't think I'm going to manage to exercise today. Maybe I can manage to do so twice tomorrow... although that usually doesn't work. Oh well, I get one day a week of slack, even if I ideally don't use it.

I didn't manage to push Shibboleth packaging as far along today as I was hoping, although that's partly because we decided to remove Shibboleth 1.x from Debian and I filed those removal requests instead. I messed up the first xml-security-c upload, so I've now uploaded that again and will upload xmltooling tomorrow, probably. I also didn't get any Debian work done, but that's because I started on kstart instead and kept working on that until 22:30.

My Kerberos v4 Autoconf macros are now cleaned up and debugged (which took nearly an hour all by itself, due to two missing double quotes), for whatever good that will do going forward. But it makes me feel good. I've also imported my minimal kafs library into rra-c-util and redid the build system. I just need to write a test suite for it, and that's all of my to-do items for the next kstart release.

I'm now over 40 hours of work for the week and I have to do e-mail upgrades late tomorrow night, so the tentative plan is to spend all of tomorrow except for the e-mail upgrades doing non-Stanford stuff, probably Debian work. We'll see if that plan works out better than it did today!

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