Back from vacation

Hotel archway

Evening clouds seen through the entrance archway of a Holiday Inn in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is where I was week before last for Cartel, a conference of system and application administrators for a group of universities who use similar underlying technology to solve similar problems.

The last couple of weeks have been very busy. Two days after I got back from Ann Arbor, two friends came from out of town for a visit that they can only do once a year. They were here all last week, so every moment that I could spare from work was spent with them, playing video and board games and just talking. We made it until 4am one morning, and averaged around 2am. It was exhausting, and I'm now running a sleep debt, but it was absolutely wonderful.

But, now what I want more than anything else is to get back on a normal schedule. Between one thing and another, I've not been on one for nearly a month now. Today was spent on some cleanup around the house and a few things I needed to take care of for work, and tonight I'm going to work on the sleep debt. Tomorrow, I'll start resynchronizing my schedule and re-establishing a balance between all the things I want to do. And, of course, try to absorb all the great new ideas that I've gotten from long conversations with friends. Oh, and get back into working from a to-do list.

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