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Forest silhouette

Rathtrevor beach in Parksville, British Columbia (north of Nanaimo). I was particularly happy with this picture, although really at that time of the evening on a nice beach, one only has to lift the camera and push the button to get great pictures.

I got my head together last night a bit, after fixing some of the test suite problems with kstart, and today I'm feeling much more in control of things. It helped to be able to get an exit row seat on the flight tomorrow when I checked in. I need to do another quick round of double-checking packing, but I'm basically set to go tomorrow and hopefully the early-morning wakeup won't be too difficult.

Some of today was spent importing old projects into Git to get over the first hump in the way of cleaning them up. That includes the Calvin chatserver code that my friends and I have been using for 14 years now (written by Jonathan Lennox) and which I want to get out as open source, and News::Gateway. I have no idea when I'll do anything with the latter, given how much is in front of it and will likely remain so, but at least it's out of the Subversion repository on the system that's going away. That was also the last thing on that system to move, too.

Otherwise, the day was spent listening to Warren Zevon and doing whatever I felt like doing, which is a lovely way to spend a Saturday. Tomorrow, the day will be spent mostly reading a Jacqueline Carey novel, which is almost as good.

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