release 1.41

This is the first public release of the tool that I use to generate releases of my software. Most of what it's responsible for is exporting software from a revision control system (it understands Git, bzr, Subversion, and CVS), building a distribution tarball in an appropriate way for the build system, signing and copying that release into a distribution area, archiving old releases, and updating a spin .versions file. It can also handle releases of individual scripts and discover the version number of the script by parsing it.

There is code in here for combining a release tarball with a debian directory stored only in the revision control system, but I don't use this code any more since I've switched to git-buildpackage and a Git repository layout that combines the upstream maintenance and Debian package maintenance in the same repository.

You can get the latest version from my scripts page. It's rather idiosyncratic for how I do things and would probably require modifications for anyone else to use.

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