weekly 1.5

This is another script that is fairly trivial but that I've been using for years. It takes a text file of accomplishments and another of future plans, combines them in a template, and sends out a weekly status report, performing a few sanity checks to not send out a partial report and remind me to finish it. I use this in combination with a couple of shell aliases to edit the accomplishment list and future plans to keep my manager and co-workers informed about what I'm doing.

Incidentally, if you're not doing something like this, I highly recommend it. It takes a bit of effort to get into the habit of writing down what you've finished, but it's worth it. Even if no one has asked you to produce a report, just start doing it and send it to your boss. Even if they never mention it, you'll find it smooths the communication and they'll be reading it.

You can get the current version from my scripts page. Since it's a fairly simple script to which I don't expect to make major changes, I'll probably not announce new releases unless they're significant.

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