Long weekend

Skunk cabbage

Not one of the most exciting pictures I've taken, but I like the mirrored effect of the water as a background for a couple of skunk cabbage plants. I'm not sure why it feels like the right picture for today, but it does.

Due to spending all of Saturday switching work desktops, as well as being quite productive the first three days this week, I get to take tomorrow off and have a four-day weekend. Tomorrow is a relaxation day, and then I'll think about what projects I might want to tackle.

I unfortunately didn't get the WebAuth release out that I was hoping for, in part because I worked on some other cleanup this morning, but I've made a lot of progress. I spent a couple of hours today starting to write the Automake Makefile.am for it as the first step of converting the build system to match my other packages and significantly rearranging the source. That's the last big thing that I want to finish before the next release. It will also significantly reduce the mental barriers I have against doing more extensive work on the package.

I'm slipping behind at the moment on writing book reviews again, but I haven't felt like doing it the last few days. It's relatively rare, I'm finding, for me to be in the right mindset and mood to do this after I get back from exercising in the evening. That's a shame, since schedule-wise it's the perfect time, devoid of distractions and after the day's work is done. But I suspect that it's too low-energy to work reliably enough, and I need to get into the habit of writing reviews at the start of the day instead. I may push a little at getting caught up this weekend.

The one thing I did forget when swapping computers was my crontab, but I think I've reproduced it from memory and just ran a few things (like FAQ posting and RSS to e-mail) that had been skipped for a few days. I could boot up the old computer and check to see if I remembered everything, but I probably won't bother. I think I'm going to just quietly stop posting the news.admin.net-abuse.* pointers, for instance, rather than figure out what the postfaq command I was running was. I've been feeling weird about posting FAQ pointers in groups that I don't read anyway, and I doubt anyone cares.

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