Policy 3.8.2

Due to an ill-advised change to the build dependencies of debian-policy that I made and could have sworn I'd tested (still not sure what happened), debian-policy was failing to build. We knew about that a while back and talked a bit about what to do, since we hadn't accumulated many changes, but then we all ran out of time. Someone finally filed the bug, so Bill Allombert took care of doing the upload yesterday (thank you!).

This is a very incremental release since I still haven't had a chance to work on some of the larger changes we have pending. The most significant change is that debconf is now mandatory for all user prompting, including for essential packages. They have to at least try to use debconf first. However, since debconf is not essential (and making it essential would create other bootstrapping problems), essential packages or their dependencies are allowed to fall back on other prompting mechanisms if debconf isn't available. Regular packages must just depend on debconf and use it.

A new Lintian release updated for 3.8.2 is forthcoming, probably later today.

Posted: 2009-06-18 14:13 — Why no comments?

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