Leaves in fence

Another Stanford-area picture. It's not as good of a picture as I thought it was when I took it (a bit over-exposed, for instance), but I still like the feel of it. It matches my feeling today, which was a day for picking leaves out of the fence that had caught them until I could look at them.

I've been silent over the past few days because I was helping organize and host the 2009 AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop. There were the usual unexpected last-minute problems, but we managed to sort them all out and everything went exceptionally well. Most of the thanks for that is due to Lucrecia Kim-Boswell, who did all of the hard coordination work and did an absolutely wonderful job.

As you might expect, though, I had basically no free cycles to post photographs, reviews, or journal entries during the conference. Not only was there too much to do, it was also intensely social, which exhausts me. A very close friend was able to come out for the conference as well, so I spent evenings and the surrounding weekends talking and playing video games. It was a great week, but very high-energy.

Surprisingly, I came out of it feeling much less tired than I expected and much more energized. Sunday and today I did a ton of cleanup and catch-up. I'm now feeling on top of things and excited and interested in doing some coding and diving back into projects. I'm taking next week off, so I should have lots of time to use that energy for non-work things for a change, such as catching up on Debian work and some of my non-work software projects.

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