INN 2.5.0

After more than six years of development, I'm pleased to announce that INN 2.5.0 has finally been released, due primarily to the work of Julien ÉLIE over the past few years.

As one might expect from a development release that first branched six years ago, the changes are too numerous to mention in a journal entry. For the complete list, see the INN 2.5 NEWS file. Major changes include SASL support for nnrpd, significant improvements to support the standardized NNTP protocol, a rewrite of the network code for better IPv6 support, and significant improvements to innreport.

It's great to see this release become the base for future development, since a lot of cleanup work went into it. INN 2.4 was old enough that it was becoming difficult to maintain, and INN 2.5 has a much stronger test suite, uses a modern Autoconf, and has other similar improvements.

You can get the latest version from ISC's FTP site. Documentation and other details are available from my INN page, and open bugs, source code browsing, and similar pages are available from the INN development site.

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