rra-c-util 1.0

Similar to C TAP Harness, this is another release of infrastructure shared by multiple packages as a separate distribution so that I can more easily keep things in sync.

rra-c-util started life as portions of libinn, which is a catch-all utility library for the INN programs. It had some portability and utility code already when I started maintaining INN, and I expanded it significantly and wrote some new portability layers, such as the network API. In parallel, I'd been maintaining a few files and copying them between various programs going all the way back to newsyslog, my first significant C project.

When I started writing lots of Kerberos-related software, I standardized how I handled this portability layer, and when I switched everything to non-recursive Automake, I redid the division of code to be more modular. This package now collects nearly all of the portability code that I've needed with various packages into one place so that I can update each package from the canonical version before a release.

This is the first stand-alone release, synchronized against remctl 2.13 with the additions discovered for the upcoming remctl 2.14 release and with the test suite rewritten to use C TAP Harness 1.0. It's a grab bag by design and there as yet isn't a lot of documentation for how to use components in one's own project. In the long run, I suspect it will be something akin to how gnulib works for GNU projects, although I don't know if I'll write the level of automation around it that the GNU project has. (I don't use gnulib for licensing reasons.)

The current release is available from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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