Mmm, padlocks


Once I started taking pictures relatively regularly, I got in the habit of looking for bits of chain to take pictures of each time out. Looking for a common object like that is fun: it's a bit of a game, it provides an opportunity to take lots of different pictures of the same basic thing and find variety in that, and it improves my eye. Doing that, I've found that often the most interesting part of a bit of chain is the padlock.

This isn't one of my best pictures of one (it shouldn't have been cut off at the top; I'm better about noticing things like that now), but I think the smears of paint on it add a lot.

The car has been smogged, passing with exactly the limit of allowed emissions for the 15mph hydrocarbon test. My guess is that this is because I rarely ever drive it and never on the freeways, and it would have been fine if I'd driven it out first. But it passed, so I don't have to worry about it for another two years. I'm wholeheartedly in favor of the smog testing, but it's vaguely silly for me given that I drive 200 miles a year, tops. (It's used only for grocery shopping, the occasional errand, and picking up friends where needed.)

I'm ready to release remctl 2.14 and the first releases of my test suite driver and utility library, but didn't get to all of it today (I had a hard time getting started). C TAP Harness will go out tonight, and hopefully I can finish the rest up tomorrow so that I won't be thinking about it over the long weekend.

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