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I sorted through rather a lot of pictures today trying to find one that I felt like posting and wrote off three or four days of pictures from last year as "eh." I suspect I'm too critical and some other day I'll feel like posting a few of them, but I think my standards are also getting higher as I get better at photography.

I'm still quite fond of this one, though. I'm generally a push-over for reflections in water.

remctl 2.14-to-be now has hopeful fixes for builds with the Solaris 10 generic GSS-API libraries, which are waiting for someone with a Solaris 10 system to test before the release. If those test out, all the required changes for remctl 2.14 are done, although I'm still planning on adding a few improvements to the remctl command-line client.

Solaris 10 wants everyone to go through the generic API and doesn't provide the Kerberos mechanism OID, which remctl forces. The Solaris documentation says you should never force a mechanism since it defeats the point of GSS-API, and they have a point. Maybe someday I'll look at removing the forced Kerberos requirement. In the meantime, I went the route of hard-coding the Kerberos mechanism OID on Solaris since they don't provide a define for it.

Tomorrow I need to go get my car smog-tested and plan on doing some more VMware reading while waiting for it.

I'm struggling at the moment with the feeling that I'm getting more added onto my plate as fast as I'm finishing things. This is yet another symptom in the basic mindset shift that I need to work on: dropping my focus on finishing some mythical finite to-do list, recognizing that there's always going to be more to do, and focusing on day-to-day attitude and productivity instead. Today was hard for that because several things I didn't expect showed up on my to-do list (like giving the MIT Kerberos status update at the AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop).

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