Nanaimo River

My favorite picture of the Nanaimo River, even if you can't see all that much of the river. (It's taken from a gravel riverbed when the water is low and the river spreads out a bit. When the water is higher, where I was standing is underwater.)

Things continued going according to plan today, although the evening ran away from me a little bit while getting in eight hours of work and I didn't end up writing a review. In my ideal world, I'm a bit ahead on my 40 hour work week and I can write a review in the morning before going into work, but this week I've not been sleeping well and hence sleeping in late, so that's not worked. We'll see if it works better next week.

I think it's fascinating how tiredness works. I don't feel that much more physically tired or ready to go to sleep as the evening wears on, but I hit this critical energy point beyond which it takes considerably more energy to try to start something new or do something that requires thought, like write a review. I can force myself — I've done it before — but then it takes me much longer, often a couple of hours, and it feels like pulling teeth. I have to teach myself that the feeling means tiredness in the evening, since it feels very similar to having no momentum during the day, and then the right solution is to push my way through it and get started on something.

I wonder how many people find this random blathering interesting. Well, that's a reason to post the picture: to give the people who don't care about my blathering something pretty to look at.

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