Mixed results

Crumbling stairs

Back to posting some older pictures since I have little brain tonight (put off posting journal entries until rather too late in the day), and the brains that I have available are insufficient to doing more than looking for the next postable picture in my oldest set of sorted pictures. This is more of the Morden Colliery in Nanaimo.

Results for productivity for a Wednesday were... mixed. I'm still not doing a great job of settling down and working during my work from home day, which is discouraging since it used to be very productive. However, it wasn't the complete loss of last week. I got some FAI build system tweaking done and pushed forward more of my current work on virtualization (and also wasted rather too much time on Dreamwidth).

I did not, however, start the remctl work that I need to start on; I never got up quite enough momentum. I have more hope for tomorrow.

I think I'm going to have to think more about tactics for Wednesdays that make them more productive again. I suspect this involves using my laptop rather than my desktop system, which indicates to me that my desk setup is less than ideal. This isn't a huge problem, though; I have a nice laptop and a very nice chair.

It also definitely involves not turning the TV on and turning music on so that I don't get tempted into doing something even more distracting than music. It also involves being much stricter with myself about not reading non-work e-mail or web sites; under normal circumstances, a bit of that gives me a break from things and lets me do subconscious processing, but it only works that way after I've already built up momentum. I need to build up the momentum first.

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