A lovely day

Sun trail

I discovered during my last trip to the Oregon coast that my camera could see things directly into the sun that my eye couldn't. It's become something of a theme. You're allowed to make fun of me for it. This picture was taken from Biggs Park near Duke Point, looking across the Georgia Strait near the Nanaimo River estuary towards the main part of Vancouver Island. It gains a lot from the partial obscuring of the sun breaking up the white ball into a more complicated shape.

My life is feeling much more ordered. This was the second good day of following a fairly normal schedule, staying focused on what I needed to be working on, and making solid forward progress. I also quit doing things at the right times in the evening and dragged myself to walk when I didn't really feel like it. Tomorrow will be the real test: my work-from-home day, with a lot of unstructured time. The past couple of weeks I've let myself get distracted and ended up getting little done. Time for that to change.

Most projects are still on hold, but I'm starting to do scheduling and planning and have some idea of when I'll get back to them. The first step is getting caught up with book reviews, on which I've gone from being seven or eight behind to only being three behind now. That feels quite a bit better. Another week or so of fairly regular review writing should have me entirely caught up.

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