Back in the flow

Flowing water

Deep water flowing between rocks in the Holland River in Ladysmith, British Columbia. This was my favorite picture of that day, although there were a few other really good ones from that trip.

The Dreamwidth open beta launch pretty much ate the end of last week and messed up my sleep schedule since I stayed up until 3am Thursday night. I also got sucked into the IRC channel, which was a lot of fun but was also very distracting. Add to that getting up at 6am both Saturday and Sunday to do afsdb server upgrades and not being able to go back to sleep on Sunday and my mental state got pretty frazzled.

Today was a recentering day, a day to get solidly back on the normal schedule, stay off of IRC, and remember what else I was doing in my life besides Dreamwidth. It was fairly successful for that. I finished another draft of an OpenAFS thing, got some of the documentation for the virtualization project updated, and did some prep work for one of the two upgrades I need to do tomorrow.

I think I need another week or so of this to get back into a better rhythm, visit parts of my life that I've been ignoring for a while (like video games), and finally get caught up on reviews (only four behind now!). In the meantime, I fear IETF Usenet work is going to have to wait, as is most Debian stuff.

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