Lintian 2.2.10

This is primarily a bug-fix release, cleaning up a bunch of accumulated minor stuff. The largest single fix saves all the error output from tar in the various places that Lintian runs it and analyzes it to turn it into Lintian tags, which suppresses the occasional annoying record size messages from tar and should provide better handling of other tar problems. There are also fixes, several from Raphael Geissert, for various packages that failed in the lintian.d.o log.

My tentative plan is for the next verison to be 2.3.0, incorporating more infrastructure work by Raphael Geissert to work towards getting rid of the separation between unpack and collection and make the data collection more fully dependency-driven. I'd also like to take another pass through the wishlist bugs and try to knock off a few more of them.

I'm going to try to get 2.3.0 started and get up-to-date on merging major patches over the next couple of days, and then will probably take another break from Lintian work for a while to work on Policy (and on finishing the USEPRO RFC).

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