Spikey but successful

Post and brambles

This is not one of my best pictures ever, but it sums up how today felt. There were a lot of things to catch on, tear a bit, and struggle through, but at the end of the day, the post was solidly built and still standing.

weblogin3 is now running lenny, the global change has been pushed through Puppet (and I got the diffs done only a couple of hours in advance), and various other difficult things have been faced and gotten through. It's been particularly hard coming back to work this time, and I'm still feeling dissatisfied, but I'm also feeling like I can push through and things will be better on the other side.

The primary part that's bothering me at the moment is that the amount of stuff pending that I want badly to work on is just so large. I'm tackling bits of it every day, but some of it is hard and takes a lot more time than I wish it would. A lot of today, for instance, wasn't forward progress on pending things, but rather administrative overhead and cleanup on things that I'd already scheduled.

Tomorrow, I start working on strategy documents again. I suspect this will end up being much easier than I expect it to be, which will help.

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