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A close-up of sedum growing along the Nanaimo waterfront. My camera didn't want to focus in macro quite that close and kept focusing on the rock, so I manually focused by moving the camera. It worked surprisingly well. (Next time, though, I'll probably try resetting the camera focus algorithm.)

Vacation is, alas, over, and it's back to work. I'm sad to leave, happy to be around my own things, and not at all interested in going back to work, but ah well. I at least have a much better attitude about it than I did last week.

This particular choice of picture is partly a reminder: the goal for this week is focus and detail. I have a full list of things that I need to do, they're not all going to get done as fast as people want, and if I start thrashing, I'm going to drive myself insane and get even less done. So I need to be organized, focused, and good about continuing to work on something until its finished. The first step for tomorrow morning will be to go through all of my work tasks and put together a priority list and plan of attack, and then be sure my manager knows about it as well since she's probably going to have to run interference for the things that aren't prioritized as high.

There are various things about coming back into the US and going through customs and immigration that really bother me, but I don't have the mental energy to write them up tonight. I'm not sure if the urge will persist. Even if it doesn't, I expect the impulse will come up again, since the same things bother me every time I come back into the US. This is a placeholder so that I remember to think about writing something later.

I'm way behind on most of my volunteer work, including Debian, IETF, the software I maintain, and chasing upgrades. Most of it is likely going to have to wait for another week or two while I get work back in order and build some structure around all the things I have pending.

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