Photography success


I was really struggling earlier today to get macro focus correct, but towards the end of the day it just started working. This was the best success by far. A fly stopped on a tree bud just about at eye level and stayed there, letting me get quite close. Since I'd also switched my camera to taking pictures at maximum resolution, I got one of the best closeups I've gotten.

I'm currently on a much-needed vacation, which is why journal posts have been very quiet. (As opposed to last week, when there were no journal posts because I was crazy busy with work, or next week where there will probably be few journal posts because I'm crazy busy with work.) It's been a photography-intensive vacation, averaging around a hundred pictures a day between the banter and great company.

Going into vacation, I thought I might have some time to catch up on things like book reviews and some free software work, but I've been playing it by ear and have found that I needed way more recovery from work than I'd expected. It may be that everything else will stay on hold until next week (including AUTH48 USEPRO review). Relaxing is important. The rest can wait.

Posted: 2009-04-16 00:23 — Why no comments?

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