Lintian 2.2.9

I finally got this released. I'm very sorry for the long delay; life has been ridiculously busy lately. This release updates the list of valid sections, fixes a few annoying bugs (particularly in diversion handling and some problems with file 5.00 and analysis of source packages), and has some additional checks for correct package sections. Many thanks to Frank Lichtenheld and Raphael Geissert for their work on this release.

I've also started the full archive run for, so it will finally be up-to-date again. Apologies to everyone for the out-of-date results there; I kept meaning to update it after the next release, and then kept finding another bug or not having a moment to do it.

Lintian development will probably be slow for the next couple of months (unless my co-maintainers end up with more time to drive it forward), since I have a huge pile of work that I need to do, including deploying a virtualization environment and lots of upgrades to lenny. Things should start settling down again sometime around mid-June.

Posted: 2009-04-03 23:10 — Why no comments?

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