Coal tipple

Coal tipple

This is the reinforced concrete coal tipple at the Morden Colliery near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. The mine is abandoned, but there's a public trail and some great places for taking pictures.

This seemed like a good picture for a day where I felt like I'm getting more and more loaded on. I'm working on two different security releases as well as getting ready to revise strategy documents, plus a few other miscellaneous things cropped up. And that's on top of scheduled AFS VLDB server upgrades and an upgrade of our load-balanced DNS service, which starts Saturday morning at 6am.

I've now worked over 40 hours for the week already. I can't skip tomorrow entirely, since I have an important meeting and need to do some prep work for Saturday morning's upgrade. But I'm going to try to work as few hours as possible and get some non-work things done.

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