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I'm going on vacation in a week and a half, which turns out to be right in the middle of the schedule for the second revision of our strategy documents. The resolution turned out today to be that I'm supposed to start revising mine fairly soon, as soon as I get the right permissions in the wiki where we're doing the work.

I'm not particularly happy about this, but I suppose the work has to get done at some point. There are advantages to doing all of this on a very tight schedule: it does at least really get done, and if these documents will be used in all the ways that we're planning, it will significantly change how we do planning. But bleh, I was still recovering from writing the first drafts.

Otherwise, today I took care of some additional cleanup in advance of the lbdns upgrade Saturday morning (early again), fighting through feeling tired and a bit unmotivated. I need to find some time the rest of this week to stop working, since I've already worked 31 hours this week and it's time to step back and do other things rather than working another 45 hour week. I'm good at continuing to work when I have good momentum, not as good at stopping working and doing other things when I've accumulated a surplus. But there will be volleyball tomorrow, which will help.

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