Almost 2009 pictures

Hydrangea leaf

I almost have pictures from this year for a change. I even took some today, but I didn't get out of the apartment to take pictures until after 18:00, so it was a bit dark for the best pictures. I also once again kept putting off taking pictures of the beautiful flowering trees until we got a storm that blew off a bunch of the petals. You would think I would learn.

So you get a picture of a hydrangea leaf from 2008 instead.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a chance to do something about the pictures I took today and post one of those, and also hopefully I'll take some new pictures around here during the day in better light.

This was one of the most successful weekends in a while. Yesterday, I got my taxes done and then spend the rest of the way working on my test suite driver that I use for all my C packages. I have one major chunk of work left to do on it and then I think it's ready for an initial release; I just have to incorporate all of that work into my other packages, starting with my general utility package. I may do some of that work during next week.

Today, I restarted Fallout 3 with a different approach to the game, and that was extremely successful. I'm very happy with the results, even if I didn't handle a fight very well and got killed, losing a little bit of exploration. I'm really not a first-person shooter player, which is going to continue to be an obstacle, but the game is just so rich that it's totally worth playing anyway.

Good weekend, and a weekend that fit my plans for how to arrange my life. Next step: do that through the next week.

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