Policy 3.8.1 and Lintian 2.2.8

I've just uploaded Policy with the first batch of post-lenny changes. There isn't anything that earth-shattering in this set, but I'm hoping that we'll be able to get a lot more done during the squeeze release cycle. Policy has well over a hundred open bugs, quite a few of which we should be able to resolve.

I also uploaded Lintian 2.2.8, which is synchronized against Policy 3.8.1 and also reverts some changes around install-menu due to a reverted change in debhelper 7.2.5, and fixes diagnosis of diversions. The last few versions of Lintian have all been a little bit buggy due mostly to the current pace of change. Hopefully this version will have fewer unexpected problems.

Here is the summary of normative Policy changes, taken from upgrading-checklist.txt.gz in the debian-policy package.

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