INN 2.5.0rc1

I'm pleased to announce the availability of the first 2.5.0 release candidate. As usual, Julien √ČLIE did the hard work of preparing the release. This will be the first new major release of INN in over five years.

You can get the release candidate from the testing directory for as long as it's still a release candidate. As soon as it becomes the final release, it will move to the regular directory.

There are lots and lots of changes; see the NEWS file for all of the details. Some major highlights are significantly improved support for the current NNTP standards, including SASL support, and major improvements in the cleanliness and IPv6 support of the network layer.

Please test and report any problems to inn-workers.

INN 2.4.6 will also be released as soon as ISC updates their web pages to reflect the new release.

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