Spring willow

March, the point at which it starts feeling like spring. It's warmer now and quite a bit wetter. Today I got to do grocery shopping in the rain (thankfully light). Hopefully it will rain quite a bit more (and somewhere else; having it rain around here doesn't do much for the drought, since it just runs into the Bay).

I'm still working on time management and emotional state control, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Last week was difficult due to a major work writing assignment that was mentally exhausting, but I think it went reasonably well. The assignment is continuing, but I think I've finished the hardest parts of it. Once that's done, I'm going to make even more of an effort to cut back on work hours and take more time to do other things.

I have a lot of work I still need to do on the software I maintain. All of my AFS scripts need new releases, sometimes with significant changes in infrastructure. I need to figure out a good way of managing those releases and providing Debian packages, probably based on the work that we did internal to Stanford. I need to finish my personal repository, and I'm close to finishing releases of my general package infrastructure. That should be followed shortly by releases of kstart and remctl, hopefully followed shorly by wallet and WebAuth.

It's all a bit overwhelming, but I'm working on maintaining a to-do list, working from it, and doing the next action rather than worrying too much about the total amount of work. As long as I keep taking well-defined steps forward, it will all get done.

Today was mostly a life-maintenance day instead of an accomplishment day, full of things like grocery shopping, catching up a bit on reading, and doing my GTD weekly review. I did also do a little bit of Lintian work (although at the cost of staying up later and not following my best schedule). I'd rather keep working on that, but it's time for exercise, reading, bed, and then back to work on strategy documents.

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