Lintian 2.2.6

This release is mostly bug fixes that have accumulated over the past couple of weeks. The most notable is a rewrite of the unpack script for source packages that should do a much better job of analyzing the upstream tar file and determining the common prefix. This is currently important so that the upstream index file is generated properly and other collect scripts that depend on it are happy, but in the future it will also be used to implement some checks that care about how the upstream tarball was packed (when it was repacked for DFSG reasons, for instance).

There are a bunch of other bug fixes and some more work that lays the ground for future tags. This was a "keeping our heads above water" release more than anything else, taking care of new bugs that had come in since the previous release and not making much continued progress on the bug backlog. But I think we have some underlying infrastructure in place to make more progress in the next few releases.

I haven't updated for a while. I may do that with this release, or wait for one more.

Posted: 2009-02-22 20:33 — Why no comments?

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