First 2009 haul

It's been a long time since I've posted one of these, but I did finally place another book order. I've been cutting back a bit since I already own so many books I've not read, but we're coming up on Hugo season, so I'll probably place at least one more order in a few days.

Eric Ambler — A Coffin for Dimitrios (thriller)
Ben Goldacre — Bad Science (non-fiction)
Barry Hughart — The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox (sff)
Michael Lewis — Liar's Poker (non-fiction)
Barack Obama — Dreams from My Father (non-fiction)
George Orwell — Burmese Days (mainstream)
George Orwell — A Clergyman's Daughter (mainstream)
George Orwell — Coming Up for Air (mainstream)
H.F. Saint — Memoirs of an Invisible Man (sff)
Karen Traviss — Crossing the Line (sff)
Karen Traviss — The World Before (sff)

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