End of weekend

Native mural

Chemainus, British Columbia is full of beautiful murals. I find it difficult to photograph a mural and do it justice, although I tried. This is one of the few pictures that I was relatively happy with.

It's now the end of the weekend. That came a bit faster than I would have wished, but at least several of the things I want to work on are things that also fit into my day job. And it's a short week, so the next weekend isn't too far off.

Today was mostly a day of cleaning up the house, doing chores (dishes, shopping), and then catching up on some magazine reading while getting mentally back into a normal weekly rhythm. I was hoping to do more Debian post-release tasks, but I didn't make it; I have to settle for doing a few pending uploads. More of those will happen tomorrow.

I really thought I was going to work more on Policy and on Lintian this weekend and it just didn't happen. It's unclear to me right now whether I'll have time during the week or whether it will need to wait until next weekend.

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