Sunlit forest path

Paths look even better in afternoon sunshine.

I woke up this morning feeling like continuing to cross things off my to-do list, so today was an accomplishment day instead of an entertainment day. I mostly worked on my test suite driver program and on my portability and utility library, getting them into shape for initial releases and polishing them so that I can base some future releases on them. I think I'm about ready to get back to working on the next release of lbcd.

Due to the imminent Debian release, there won't be an upload of Lintian this weekend. I'm planning on releasing Policy 3.8.1 sometime next week or next weekend, with a Lintian release at the same time implementing new checks and updating the recognized standards version.

Tomorrow, I'll probably do some shopping and then spend the day either reading or playing video games, depending on what I feel like when I wake up.

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