Chain on fencepost

Have another chain picture.

I haven't been posting much lately in part because my schedule and focus got a bit overwhelmed. Last weekend was a bit rough in places, but I seem to be on a better track this week.

After getting back into town last week, I was missing playing video games more than anything else, so I dove into that wholeheartedly (easy because I had some new games). I think I overdid it a bit: I didn't get enough sleep, and I think I pushed my concentration and focus too hard with games and exhausted myself for the other things I was doing. This week, I'm taking a week off and working on re-establishing my normal schedule (including reading instead of video games), and then will slowly reintroduce video games this weekend.

Now that I've gotten the pam-krb5 security advisory out, which I've been working on for the past couple of weeks, things should settle down. I'm hoping to have the opportunity to do a few more new software releases and clear some of my backlog. Work is in a bit of a lull at the moment when it comes to projects, although that will heat up somewhat next week.

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