git-pbuilder 1.6

Tim Skirvin sent me some enhancements to this script, so I took a moment to write documentation and put it up on my miscellaneous scripts page. This is my version of the integration script between git-buildpackage and pdebuild with cowbuilder. There isn't very much to it, but it does handle automatically adding the etch workaround option where needed and supports selecting the chroot in which to build via an environment variable.

As usual for these sorts of little scripts, it hard-codes some of my preferences and will probably require modification to work smoothly in your environment. Unlike the larger packages I maintain, these random scripts are little things I use to speed daily tasks or obscure scripts for specific needs I have. I make them public on the outside chance that they'll solve some problem someone else is having or will serve as a useful example. Further updates generally won't be announced in my blog.

Posted: 2009-02-04 13:15 — Why no comments?

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