Deep breaths

Salmon Creek in sun

It's been a very hectic past few days, but all in all not a bad few days either. I've not been posting much here because just too much has been going on, but things are now starting to settle down and hopefully soon I'll get to spend some time in one place, get back to a regular schedule, and go back to a more methodical approach to life.

Reading, and book reviews, have dropped off the radar for a while, partly due to too much going on but partly because I've started playing video games again. That's an acceptable tradeoff. I've wanted to get back to playing more games for a while now, and I am firmly telling myself to not obsess over how many reviews I write or how many books I read. (Still, hopefully I'll feel the review-writing urge soon before I forget too much about the last books I've read.)

One good thing about travelling is having a chance to take pictures. My mother and I walked along Salmon Creek in Oakridge, Oregon on Monday. The above picture was one of the hundred or so that I took.

Today was supposed to be a day of catching up, but I instead spent the day dealing with a reported security vulnerability. I'm happy with the results (although I have an embargoed security release to do still), but it wasn't progress towards the things that I was "supposed" to be doing. Tomorrow I have non-work things to do in the morning, but hopefully in the afternoon I'll find time to get caught up and organized.

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