Lintian 2.1.6

I'm managing to do enough work on Lintian each week that it's still making sense to stick with a weekly release cycle. So a new Saturday, a new Lintian release.

This one was mostly a set of random bug fixes and a few new, easy tests, cleaning up some false positives and lowering the bug count. We're now firmly under 100 bugs, which always makes me happy. The new test suite is also taking further shape, although I didn't do quite as much work on it this week.

I expect the next release to be 2.2.0 and incorporate support for a --pedantic option, contributed by Raphael Geissert. This will be a new tag severity less even than wishlist. It's for style checks, checks that are highly likely to have false positives, things that might be cleaner but are unimportant, etc. People should only use --pendantic if they're willing to see tags that are inaccurate or don't fit their personal style and take them with a grain of salt. There are a bunch of long-standing bugs requesting checks of that sort that are often easy to implement, just not things we've implemented in the past because even at the info level they'd annoy too many people.

I'm hoping to do a few more infrastructure changes and library changes for the next release as well, but I'll see how much time I have.

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