First week

Hanging moss

This was an interesting weekend on the new focused front. I ended up working on Lintian nearly all weekend, which in retrospect was a great way to spend it. I thoroughly enjoyed the work and got a good feeling of accomplishment out of it.

While I was doing it, though, I was second-guessing what I wasn't doing, so that part still needs work. I probably also need to work on balancing between something I want to do and mixing in other fun things, since I think I get more out of doing something I enjoy if I don't mono-focus on it quite to that degree. Mixing in a bit of reading or video games when my rate of forward progress slows is probably a good idea.

The weekend work upgrade went well, although there's one thing I need to investigate tomorrow. I hate getting up early in the morning, though; I rarely can sleep the night before because I worry about missing the wake-up, and I rarely can go to sleep afterwards.

I added another picture of a path to my gallery.

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