Lintian 2.1.5

I actually uploaded this yesterday, sticking to a weekly release cycle for the time being, but I immediately dove back in to do a bit more work. *heh*. It's addictive.

This release is a bit more scattershot than the previous one, but I got to close a five-digit bug number, which is always fun. There are a few new checks for old bugs that had been lingering for a while and somewhat better checking of *.chnages files. I also improved the Lintian test suite to support both checks on changes files and checks on raw package builds. I haven't used the latter to throw some of the truly pathological conditions at Lintian yet, but that should be fun.

I should probably take a break from Lintian to work on some other things, but it's highly rewarding once I get focused on it. One of the great things about Lintian bugs is that most of them are nice, managable pieces of work that I can do in an hour or two and then feel a sense of accomplishment.

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