A day of reaching for distant things, in several different ways.

It's the beginning of a new year, and the number of other people using it as a time for reflection always sparks a bit of that for me as well. I don't like making resolutions: the additional sense of obligation just adds stress and makes it less likely I'll successfully follow through. But I do like working on mindsets, imagining what the year might be like, and starting as I plan to continue.

To that end, I've been pondering a lot today, focusing on doing one thing at a time and not overloading myself, being quite introspective about what I want and how I feel, and being a little productive without making a huge effort. I finished a book today and now only have two books queued for writing a review, and will probably have only one by the end of the evening. And I'm about to take some time and think through what my goals and obligations are, how much time they'll take, and how I want to structure that time.

I hope everyone reading this has had an enjoyable holiday and a great New Year's Day, and if you tend towards introspection today as well, that the introspection has been productive.

(I also put up a second Nanaimo picture in my gallery.)

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