Christmas Eve

Starting position

I don't know if this is a starting position in Marble Madness or a picture of me when I'm settled in on vacation with a book or a computer.

Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate it. I don't any more and haven't for years (too much stress and guilt for something that's supposed to be fun, and I'm not much of a holiday person), but I wish the most of enjoyment to everyone who does. I would have hunted down a more seasonal picture, but I don't actually have many winter pictures yet. Maybe I'll hunt deeper for tomorrow.

I'm not making much progress on all the (entirely optional) things I was thinking of working on this vacation, but then it's only halfway through the first week. I am doing a lot of reading, which means I need to pick up the review writing or I'm going to get rather a lot behind. It's lovely to get to sleep nine hours or more each night and read for a couple of hours in the morning before doing anything else.

I hope everyone else reading this is enjoying the holiday season, however you spend it.

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