backport 1.13

I put together a new page for smaller scripts so that I don't generate new full pages for smaller things I write and toss up on the web. The first entry is the script I use to automate the tedium of backporting packages to stable, something that I end up doing a lot for work.

The script isn't anything particularly exciting or anything that anyone who's done backports wouldn't know how to do by hand. It just automates the commands a bit, remembers the version pattern for a few different (mostly local) backport repositories, and automates a few transformations that I run into a lot. It's not a substitute for manually doing a backport and testing, but it works on 90% of packages that I just need to have on stable for some reason.

I probably won't announce new releases unless I make it substantially smarter, but I figured I'd announce the first release in case it saves anyone a few moments.

Posted: 2008-12-15 23:26 — Why no comments?

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