New book haul

My company is out having dinner at the moment, so time to take a moment and mention the books that I just picked up after ordering while on vacation. Must keep up with new releases, even if at the moment I'm playing video games instead of reading.

Michael Andre-Driussi — Lexicon Urthus (non-fiction)
Elizabeth Bear — All the Windwracked Stars (sff)
Michael Chabon — Summerland (sff)
George Orwell — Down and Out in Paris and London (mainstream)
George Orwell — Keep the Aspidistra Flying (mainstream)
Jo Walton — Half a Crown (sff)

Lexicon Urthus is the long-awaited second edition of Andre-Driussi's dictionary of all of the fascinating words that Gene Wolfe uses in the Book of the New Sun series. The first edition had become horribly rare and was available only at steep prices, so I was delighted to see a second edition. At some point, I want to re-read the whole Book of the New Sun series with this dictionary in hand (and Solar Labyrinth close by). I have no idea when I'll do that, though.

I've been waiting for Bear's All the Windwracked Stars since I first heard about it, but I'd like to finish the Promethean Age series (to date) first. The Orwell novels are part of my continuing goal of reading his complete works.

I've already read Jo Walton's Half a Crown, and like the rest of the series it's brilliant. A full review will be coming before too long.

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