control-archive 1.0.0

Many years ago (2002, to be precise), as part of the process of taking over various bits of infrastructure that David Lawrence had been running, I completely rewrote the software that maintained the active newsgroup lists and control message archive. My intention from the start was to release that as free software so that anyone who disagreed with the policies could easily run their own archive if they wanted to.

It's been almost six years, but I finally found the time today to polish up the software, write documentation for a few scripts that were missing it, write more detailed installation and bootstrapping documentation, and turn the whole thing into a real software release.

At the control-archive distribution page, you can find all of the software, the current configuration and inputs for the control.ctl file, and all the documentation (hopefully) needed to show how to bootstrap your own archive. The software is maintained in Git, so it's easy to clone my repository, make your own changes, and continue to merge my changes as you wish.

There are some major things that would be nice to improve, but I wanted to finish getting this out and I can release improvements later.

This isn't yet the exact software that's maintaining the lists and archive, since this version is updated to use an FHS-compliant directory and to modernize the Perl usage a bit. It will be before too long, since I'll switch over to this software when I migrate the processing to a new system.

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