Beach haul

As usual, I went to Robert's Books in Lincoln City and found a ton of things off my want list, as well as going to the store that sells remaindered hardcovers and trade paperbacks. Combined with a few books that I picked up before vacation, here's the total haul.

Greg Bear — Heads (sff)
Suzy McKee Charnas — The Conqueror's Child (sff)
C.J. Cherryh — Merchanter's Luck (sff)
Brian Daley — Fall of the White Ship Avatar (sff)
Brian Daley — Jinx on a Terran Inheritance (sff)
Diane Duane — The Door into Fire (sff)
Diane Duane — The Door into Shadow (sff)
George Alec Effinger — A Fire in the Sun (sff)
Jasper Fforde — The Big Over Easy (sff)
Lynn Flewelling — The Oracle's Queen (sff)
Neil Gaiman — The Graveyard Book (sff)
John G. Hemry — Burden of Proof (sff)
John G. Hemry — Rule of Evidence (sff)
John G. Hemry — Against All Enemies (sff)
Donald Kingsbury — Psychohistorical Crisis (sff)
Megan Lindholm — Cloven Hooves (sff)
Lou Marinoff, Ph.D. — Plato Not Prosac! (nonfiction)
Jack McDevitt — Ancient Shores (sff)
Patricia A. McKillip — Alphabet of Thorn (sff)
Patricia A. McKillip — Cygnet (sff)
Patricia A. McKillip — In the Forests of Serre (sff)
Sarah Monette — The Mirador (sff)
Larry Niven — Crashlander (sff)
Kim Stanley Robinson — Forty Signs of Rain (sff)
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough — Nothing Sacred (sff)
Neal Stephenson — Anathem (sff)
Steph Swainston — The Year of Our War (sff)
Jeff VanderMeer — City of Saints and Madmen (sff)
Martha Wells — City of Bones (sff)
Gene Wolfe — Soldier of Sidon (sff)

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