House with a view

I don't quite have the energy to write a review this evening, so have another beach photograph.

House with a view

I'm looking forward to vacation this year, since I know so much more about photography. I'm skipping past a lot of pictures from last year that are okay, but which could have been so much better and which I can do such a better job of now.

Three hours of meetings (which became two and a half, but that doesn't always help) plus an hour and a half of volleyball devoured the day, so I didn't get much else done. I'm trying to help debug a problem with the new GPS receiver PCI board for our new campus stratum one time server, which will also be absorbing several other services from one of our very few remaining sarge systems, and work continues on our new virtualization project. I have very little time for anything else at the moment, but I did get new OpenAFS packages uploaded for lenny that fix the worst of the current bugs and add 2.6.27 kernel support.

Tomorrow, I get to take the car into the shop to have them figure out why the battery isn't holding a charge. It's very nice, convenient, and useful to have a working car. It's a great deal of work (and expense) to have a car that doesn't work, at least if you want to change that state. If Zipcar parked one of their cars just a little closer, it would be an easy decision to give up having a car completely, given that I drive at most a few hundred miles a year. (Although I do like my car. When it's working.)

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