podlators 2.1.4

This is entirely test suite fixes. The primary goal of the release is to skip all the UTF-8 tests on versions of Perl earlier than 5.8, since Pod::Simple refuses to cope with UTF-8 encodings on earlier versions of Perl and fails all the tests. Since I'm getting regular error reports about that, it will be nice to stop it.

The other fix is to support aspell for spelling checks, since someone (I forget who) sent me the right aspell command to simulate ispell -l. This is useful since ispell on Red Hat is actually a wrapper around aspell that, for extra credit, doesn't recognize the same flags in the same way and hence spews to standard error.

I hope that this spelling check is going to be more useful than harmful. aspell has a slightly different dictionary, of course, so required more stopwords. I hope I'm not just generating spurious errors for people on make check for things that don't matter. But the idea of automatically checking spelling with every release is so neat....

Anyway, you can get the current release from the podlators distribution page, and from CPAN in a few of course.

Posted: 2008-09-21 21:45 — Why no comments?

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