podlators 2.1.3

The primary change in this version is some sorting-out of the Unicode support. Thank you very much to H. Merijn Brand and Juerd Waalboer for their patient explanations of the Perl core test suite failures and how Perl Unicode support is supposed to work.

As of this version, Unicode support in pod2man and Pod::Man will not work properly unless the POD input properly declares =encoding utf-8. This is required, and always has been required, by the POD specification. Without this setting, some Unicode settings of Perl will result in doubled encoding. Proper encoding is now tested in the test suite.

This version also adds a --stderr option to pod2man and pod2text and a corresponding setting to Pod::Text and Pod::Man which sends errors in the POD to stderr instead of to a POD ERRORS section in the generated file. This may be preferrable, since the POD errors aren't of interest to the end-user and errors may be more visible during the build.

There are some additional fixes to the documentation and the spelling checks, thanks primarily to Niko Tyni.

You can get the latest version from the podlators distribution page.

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