Debian packaging and Git

I'm now using Git for nearly all of my Debian packaging except for some team-maintained packages and some packages where I'm also upstream and have not yet converted the repository. I've written up my workflow and related notes.

I think I mentioned this previously in my journal, but somewhat in passing. Since changing ones packaging workflow and adopting the new revision control systems came up again on Debian Planet, and since I've made various modifications and updates, it's probably time for another mention.

What I'm doing still doesn't maintain nice patches for pushing upstream that include complete revision history. I diff the feature branches against upstream to produce patches, which works reasonably well. Something like TopGit would probably be an improvement, but I haven't had a chance to experiment with this yet.

The Shibboleth packaging team is using this repository format. The AFS and Kerberos packaging team is using a simplified version of it.

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